I have been working with Norman and Airedale for the past 12 years, during this time I have found him to be highly professional and a pleasure to work with. His manner, style, and approach to my financial needs is clearly demonstrated by the content he provides, both in terms of my specific needs, and being able to meet my objectives. 
Gareth Dovey

I have been a client of Airedale since their inception – perhaps even the first client to accept their terms and conditions. I have found my personal adviser, Trevor Herbert, to be both helpful and creative in designing and implementing my investment strategy – from ISA’s, mortgages, life insurance to pensions. I trust Trevor completely – he now advises the entire family – my wife and teenage children, a whole new generation of investors.
Mark Williams

I would like to thank Norman and the Airedale team for the expert advice and subsequent customer service and care regarding the management of my Pension Fund. I have always been made to feel at ease with the Airedale team who take time to explain the product details and options in a clear and concise way which is easy to understand. Airedale have definitely made a real difference to my approach to Financial management.

Mick Geraghty
“Having been advised by Airedale Finance for more than 10 years now it is reassuring to be working with a professional organisation that looks at our individual financial needs and provides tailored solutions. Airedale Finance are a proactive company in what tends to be a reactive market.”We have offered our staff the services of Airedale PFS Limited to assist them with personal advice and planning such as Investments, mortgages and various other financial products and have always found them to provide excellent and unbiased advice and service. Staff are a very important part of our business and having the confidence to recommend a company such as Airedale has proven to be very successful.

Richard Triggs

I never dreamt that I would need to claim on our insurance policies. I thought like most other people “It would never happen to me”.

At 34 years of age I was diagnosed as having cancer, a real bolt out of the blue. As you can imagine my whole world was turned upside down, but it didn’t just affect me; my wife and children were also greatly affected. Fortunately we had invested in not only income protection and mortgage repayment protection but also critical life insurance. The providers paid out the full benefit of each policy. Therefore not only was I able to pay off my mortgage but whilst being unable to work for 8 months, I had regular income to cover my other bills and everyday expenditure.

Thankfully I am now in remission and life is more or less back to normal. I would not want to go through the past 18 months again but I am secure in the knowledge that should something happen to me in the future, my wife and children will not need to worry about the mortgage or additional bills. Without these insurance policies we would have been in massive financial trouble and we are very grateful to have had them all in place.
Daniel & Jackie Richmond

Dear Trevor

Just a short message regarding our recent Financial Review: many thanks for your help; and ability to provide me with the necessary answers. I trust we can continue in the same vein and I appreciate your patience when being bombarded with numerous questions regarding my pension.
Kathy Walsh